Research Overview

Archaea are single-celled organisms distinct from bacteria that form their own domain of life.  They were once thought confined to ‘extreme’ environments of high pressure, temperature, or salt content, but less than twenty years ago it was discovered that archaea also inhabit much more moderate environments such as the coastal ocean and soils.  Our group uses a combination of laboratory and field studies to understand the ecology of these organisms and their contribution to global elemental cycles.  We also utilize molecular biology, cultivation, and stable isotope geochemistry to answer questions about the distribution, abundance, and diversity of marine archaea.

Explore our projects:

Physiologic and genomic diversity of marine archaea

Nitrogen fixation and nitrification at the San Pedro Ocean Time-series

Microbial diversity and activity in Chesapeake Bay headwater streams

Nitrogen cycling on coral reefs

Complex trophic interactions of marine microbial eukaryotes

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